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       Magnificent view of the East China Sea painting, hope the East China Sea King Qianchengsijin; Wuzhou water connections with the East, like the East China Sea in width to accommodate; such as the date of the booming sea, taking the name of the East China Yang Wei in the world. This is the East China Sea, which is what we called the "East Sea Group," the care and intention.

       Time flies, Suiyueruge. With the Republic of the strong east wind of reform and opening, courtesy of community concern and support, relying on the united struggle of all employees, so that the "East Sea" carrying on business from a single construction company, became registered in the SAIC, owns real estate in developed countries Yiji qualifications, housing construction Yiji qualification, real estate development, a diversified business house construction, municipal engineering, steel engineering, bridge engineering, architectural engineering, waterproof construction and property management in one large enterprise groups . Group has been named "the most growth in China's construction industry hundred enterprises", the "contract and trustworthy enterprise", Shandong Province, "civilized integrity of private enterprise model unit", "top 100 private enterprises in Shandong Province", "Shandong Province Public private enterprises Star, "" the most caring companies Shandong Charity Award "," top ten overall strength of Texas real estate development enterprises, "" Texas construction industry overall strength of the top ten enterprises "and the honorary title, the company achieved a scale and brand of super Conventional, by leaps and bounds, leaving filled with magnificent chapter of struggle and achievement, a first venture epic interpretation of China's modern enterprise development.

       Here, I have the honor leadership and community concern and support over the years friends "East Sea" career development at all levels to express my sincere thanks! Recalling the past filled with emotion, the future pride. Faced with new opportunities and challenges, the East China Sea Zhicun miles, never satisfied, never stop. Will continue to sublimate the corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit as the drive to further expand the business territory to remain and take the quality, brand, innovation Industrial Road, trying to make the government think and performance needs of society, the people loved, bounden assume their social responsibility and create new glories East.

       East people understand that the only constant hard work, integrity management, solid work, in order to success centennial. To do this, we believe we will continue, and in the future and in the future will do better. Meanwhile, sincerely hope that with more friends knew them encourage each other, hand in hand with hop for a better tomorrow.

East Group - chairman Wei Jianguo